Tips for buying Mens Golf Shoes

Golf is a luxury game and is a club and ball game. The game involves extended periods of walking, extraordinary focus to hit the ball and highly coordinated movement. All the above things are the game essentials apart from the golf accessories. Golf shoes are one of the essentials when you are into the game of golf. The shoes in the game of golf are as important as that of clubs and hence need to be chosen diligently as you will walking anything between 4 to 5 miles when playing an 18 holes game.These shoes keep your feet comfortable during the swing and long walks on the golf course and prevent stress.

Investing in a good pair of waterproof golf shoes is recommended if you are the regular player and take part in tournaments. It is important to gather some information about golf shoes before getting to shop them. Whether you are the beginner or a matured golf player buying right golf shoes is a tedious and time-consuming job as it involves a lot of research. Searching for golf shoes is nothing less than searching for a new vehicle as they should not only need to feel right but also be perfect for the type of game you play.If you are the beginner and do not have any idea of what to buy and where to buy golf shoes then here is the help for you.

Right Fit

Always remember your regular shoe size will be different from that of your golf shoe size.So do not just buy the same normal shoe size for golf. The width of the shoe makes a great different as far as mens golf shoes are concerned. If you are trying shoe at the stores, make sure that you are wearing the same socks that you will be wearing for the game. Don’t just go by measuring one of the feet but do measure your both feet to know what size exactly comfortably accommodates your feet. The comfort of the shoe can be ascertained by walking in the showroom and do not forget to notice if the shoe bends at the same place where your feet bend. The middle portion of the shoe must be tight enough to get the most support when swinging the club as frequent swinging will stretch the middle part of your shoe. It is recommended to have half-an-inch space the big toe and the tip of the shoe.

Golf Course Conditions

It is ideal to have waterproof golf shoes for the game as you are not sure of the weather conditions. While some days will be dry and some are wet and slippery, you will need shoes that withstand both the conditions and keep your feet comfortable irrespective of the weather conditions. Although waterproof golf shoes are slightly pricey than regular ones; it will be wise to spend on a single pair of shoes that can be used in all weather conditions rather than having a separate pair for every weather condition. The shoes with leather uppers provide the best support and are highly waterproof.

Spikes or No spikes

The spikes in the golf shoes provide good grip in moist and slippery conditions. The golf course dictates the rules as to why type of spikes/no spikes you can wear on the course for the game.

The right kind of men golf shoes offers excellent grip and great balance. You can find a good collection of golf shoes for men here. These shoes are available in wide range of colors and combinations; you can also get stylish and uniquely designed shoes to build new confidence to play the great game.

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